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Gorse Scented Candle (200g) - Laboratory Perfumes
Gorse Scented Candle (200g) - Laboratory Perfumes
Gorse Scented Candle (200g) - Laboratory Perfumes

Gorse Scented Candle (200g) - Laboratory Perfumes



<Scented Candle>


  • ブリテン諸島のサマータイムにインスピレーションを受け、フレッシュで弾けるようなフレグランスは、爽快なシトラスのトップノートから幕開けし、ゴースフラワー(ハリエニシダ)と陽気なココナッツによって、カルダモンのほのかな深みを感じます。 
  • 内容量:200g

<Laboratory Perfumes (ラボラトリーパフューム)>

2011年設立。ラボラトリー パフュームの創設者アーロン・ファース氏は、ファッション業界に20年以上ものキャリアがあり、卸し業と小売業ともに携わり、最先端のメンズウエアをロンドンやヨーロッパなどで展開。めまぐるしくハイスピードで変化するファッション業界で得た経験から、シーズンが変わったからといってすたれるような商品ではなく、時間に流されず流行に惑わされない、「モダンクラシック」を作り出そうという信念から、ナチュラルオイルをメインにブレンドしてユニセックスな香りを創作。


A crisp and zesty citrus with a coconut note and a hint of cardamom, this elegant scent takes you to gorse-dotted holidays in the south of France.

Makers Note:
“When I was a child, my parents would drive us overnight from London to their holiday house in Provence in a battered Peugeot 205. As we arrived, after the 13-hour drive, we would open the car windows to let in the morning heat, hear the crunch of the pebbles on the drive, and breathe in the tantalisingly fresh smell of the passing gorse bushes. The holiday had begun.”


Our second scent owes its existence to a gorse-lined driveway in Provence. Captivated by the coconut-infused air surrounding the yellow flowers of the gorse bushes, we set about creating a scent that captured the essence of summer in the countryside.

The result is a fresh, crisp fragrance that transports you to sun-kissed heathlands along the coast. Opening with invigorating top note of citrus, and of course, the delightful coconut hit of the gorse flower, the scent is given a spicy depth by the suggestion of cardamom beneath.

“Gorse is an olfactory snapshot of a summer evening on seaside moorland covered in heather, and it's achieved with a mix of citrus and spicy notes.”
– Daily Telegraph Fashion

Made with paraffin wax.


(ki:ts) ロンドンショップ
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