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HEROINE / Issue 014 - Magazine
HEROINE / Issue 014 - Magazine

HEROINE / Issue 014 - Magazine



フォトグラファーFabien Kruszelnickiと、Dazed Digital のクリエイティブ・ディレクターJames Westによって創刊されたイギリス発行のインデペンデント メンズ・ファッション誌のHERO。そのウェメンズ版であるHEROINE。



Heroine 14 - Instinct

See. Feel. Hear. React. In uncertain times, trust your gut, your judgement. Intuit your path, divine your future in real time. ⁠

Artists, designers, photographers, activists. Voices, stories, powerful ideas.⁠

Three covers featuring three powerful faces:

Aweng Chuol – photographed by Mariano Vivanco and styled by Oliver Volquardsen

Sophie Koella – photographed by Drew Jarrett and styled by April Hughes

Elsemarie Riis – photographed by Robbie Fimmano and styled by Miguel Enamorado

In anticipation of his upcoming retrospective at The Whitney Museum we speak to renowned photographer Dawoud Bey about his ever-contemporary vision of America; the show is one of the largest surveys of a living Black photographer in US history.

Filmmaker and model Jari Jones is in-conversation with American model Ebonee Davis. Both prominent voices advocating change and equality, the pair discuss becoming an activist out of necessity: “If I want to wear my hair natural, it’s activism. So hell, give ‘em activism!” – and how taking control of your image is freedom.

Ambush co-founder Yoon Anh tells us about her ambitions to create a modern maison that reflects today’s current climate – “Ambush feels like it’s in a stage of jazz music right now because I’m doing things in an impromptu fashion, my feelings dictate right off the bat”.

Using lockdown as an opportunity to write a new solo album and connect with fans online, legendary musician Gail Ann Dorsey reflects on how she dropped everything to record and tour with David Bowie, in a feature shot by Michael Avedon.

Unpicking her current online exhibition running at White Cube, British artist Rachel Kneebone takes us through her instinctual creative process – the magic of embracing volatile transformation.

Plus: Legendary photographer Ari Marcopoulos’ latest instalment of CHAOS, a unique zine collaboration only found in the pages of HEROINE, Benjamin Hampson and Peghah Maleknejad's ethereal story Eudaimonia, Antonio Mingot and Paolo Zagoreo's The Sitting, and Vasily Agrenenko and Inês Bizarro's De/Construction.


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