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Perfume Oil / Fiamma | Insight - a conscious edit
Perfume Oil / Fiamma | Insight - a conscious edit

Perfume Oil / Fiamma | Insight - a conscious edit



<Perfume Oil>

パフュームオイル Fiamma / 10ml






Perfume Oil - Fiamma | Insight 10ml

Organic | Vegan | No chemicals

Based on the natural exquisite elements of neroli essential oil, combined with soft smooth precious wood and warm floral essential oils, providing an alluring sensual calming scent. 

The perfume oil activates the sense of smell via the olfactory system; allowing for feelings of stress or discomfort to be interrupted. In this space of interruption, you can attune and regain connection back to your authentic self.

The perfume oils are a unique blend of organic cold pressed JoJoba oil and organic/ethical essential oils, with NO added synthetic perfume. Each bottle has its own crystal quartz piece added for purification and extra support. The Perfume oil is combined to hold healing and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Roll oil on to skin and inhale deeply : wrist pulse points, behind the ear, base of throat or temples. Keep it with you and use as required throughout the day. 

Oils are created and stored in amber glass bottles. Amber bottles protect the oils naturally, increasing shelf life without the need for chemicals or preservatives. Glass is better for the environment, it's sustainable and recyclable.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a Health care provider before using whilst pregnant. Patch test before use

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